2021 - Winner Best Documentary - Fleurieu Film Festival, Wild by Nature

2019 - Second place Winner - Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries Photo-competition, The cove from above

2016 - Winner - BMC Ecology Image Competition, Kalahari desert

2016 - Finalist - Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition, The dance

2015 - Special commendation - Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition, A baboon gets lost in his thoughts

2015 - Winner - Oceans of life Photo-competition, Turbulent penguin

2015 - Finalist - Oceans of life Photo-competition, Tough catch

2015 - Second place Winner - Natural world Photo-competition, Cimitero di relitti

2015 - Highly commended - Gateway Photo-competition, Turbulent penguin

2015 - Highly commended - The Royal Society of Biology Photographic Competition, The last sardine

2015 - Winner - Cameraland Photo-competition, No time for lemons

2015 - Highly commended - The Everyman Photo-competition, No time for lemons

2015 - Runner up - Science Lens, United ashore

2015 - Third place winner - Country life Photo-competition, On a very hot day

2014 - Winner (overall) - Exposure competition, On a very hot day

2014 - Winner (wildlife) - Exposure Competition, Family portrait

2014 - Winner (viewer choice) - Exposure Competition, Sunset with special guests

2014 - Runner up - Exposure competition, The last sardine

2014 - Bronze award  - MILSET Science Photo-contest, On a very hot day

2014 - Highly commended - Sunday Times Wildlife Photo-competition, Ghost at sea

2014 - Highly commended - Gateway Photo-contest, Ghost at sea

2014 - Second place Winner - All creature great and small, Ghost at sea

2014 - Finalist - Oceans of life Photo-competition, Ghost at sea

2014 - Silver Award - MILSET Science Photo-contest, Spectacular reflection

2014 - Highly commended - Gateway Photo-contest, Family portrait

2014 - Finalist - Oceans of life Photo-competition, Family portrait

2013 - Honorable mention - Oasis Photo-competition, Family portrait

2008 - Winner - Scatti d'acqua Photo-competition, Taking off

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Articles featured in the media

What makes a good conservation photograph? Article featured in Royal Society of Biology

Photography as a tool of science. Article featured in Methods in Ecology and Evolution

The striking landscape of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Winning image of BMC Ecology Image Competition 

A baboon gets lost in his thoughts. Image featured in the BBC

The last sardine. Image featured in the BBC

 South African Young Academy of Science Blog. Numerous articles featured in SAYAS

Honeymooning in the Kgalagadi. Article featured in WILD

Articles featured in magazines

2021 - The Birder - Autumn 2021, Cover image (Hooded Plover)

2020 - The Birder - Summer 2020, Articles: 'On the Right Track' and Photo-finish 'Making the moment matter'

2020 - The Birder - Spring 2020, Cover image (Fan-tailed Cuckoo) and Article Photo-finish 'Southern Emuwren'

2017 - African Birdlife - March/April 2017, All would up

2017 - African Birdlife - January/February 2017, Dinner-cam: Using digital photography to discover what birds eat

2015 - SANParks Times - December, Guano on islands holds the key to life

2015 - Wild Magazine - Twinkle twinkle little star

2014 - African Birdlife - September/October 2014, The FitzPatrick Report; Swift Terns bucking the trend

2014 - Environment Magazine - Banding Swift Terns in Southern Africa

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